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July 05, 2015
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What is SeeYProfile?

SeeYProfile is a comprehensive people search engine that makes it quick and easy to find and connect with anyone in the US. We provide a wealth of useful tools to help users connect with others, check background history, and manage their image online. SeeYProfile aggregates the most up-to-date public record databases available through our fast and easy-to-use web-based software. SeeYProfile is the leading provider of contact information for people and businesses in the U.S. Despite being one of the Internet's newest people search engines, has quickly become the go-to place for many professionals and consumers looking for a comprehensive, accurate, and privacy-friendly alternative within the industry.

Where does SeeYProfile get its information?

SeeYProfile works closely with data providers who source and provide non-sensitive information about individuals from public sources. This information is provided willingly by individuals to state and federal agencies, post offices, courthouses, telephone companies and other such entities which, with some effort, is freely accessible to everyone. We simply organize and provide that information in a useful format - quickly and easily.

Our Key Features & Benefits!

1. Largest People Database has an extensive collection of more than 100M of public record (including emails, phones and background reports), delivering reports to both consumers and businesses in an extremely intuitive, user-friendly format. Our easy-to-use Internet interface makes ordering instant background checks effortless.
2. Colleague Search

SeeYProfile can help you find coworkers that you have lost contact with. Wink searches across millions of profiles to help you locate coworkers from old jobs or businesses. Use our free search to help you locate former coworkers. Just add the name of the company where you both worked and hit search.
3. Hire Top People

SeeYProfile reviews help you get the inside scoop on other business professionals, providing candid assessments of coworkers, potential hires, business partners, and more.
4. Company Search

SeeYProfile is a business directory and database where you can find who is employed with any company in our database, discover its human resource strategy and more!
5. Social Activity

This feature looks for a person's school, work, and social affiliations, then displays photos, links to social network pages (Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and others), websites, videos, and blogs about that person.
6. Leave Reviews and Rates

You can leave a review about any people you know! SeeYProfile is an online resource for building, managing, and researching professional reputation, using community-contributed, professional reviews.